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Giant gourami - funny.....
E-voucher specimens used in published work  
   Alepocephaliformes            Aulopiformes
Argentiniformes                 Ophidiiformes
Myctophiformes                  Perciformes


Fish market Taipei, Taiwan, searching for voucher specimens, JYP.

Greenland + Irminger Sea Fishes
In an attempt to continually update and make the ID of fishes easier onboard R/V Pamiut (GN) around Greenland and in the Irminger Sea, I have constructed Gl fishes and started uploading photos taken since 2006. It is a continuous project and everybody interested are encouraged to provide photos for the site - author and copyright respected and photo quality not an issue - yet. The list is mostly constructed from great difficulties onboard in identifying species correctly - mainly from outdated litterature - with photos meant to be continually replaced if poor (as is the case for many right now). DNA barcoding or the complete mt genome are being produced in an ongoing effort to facilitate quick molecular ID. This site is only initiating such a database and we are in the process of removing this site to a more comprehensive webpage hosted by Pinngortitaleriffik.

Four stages of acceptance: i) this is worthless nonsense; ii) this is an interesting, but perverse, point of view; iii) this is true, but quite unimportant; iv) I always said so. J.B.S Haldane, Journal of Genetics 1963



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